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Allergy and Anaphylaxis Rescue

What is EpiExpert? EpiExpert is quality and peace of mind knowing your child is protected. It's knowing your employees are safe. It's being forward thinking, realizing there is a need for allergy awareness. EpiExpert is you! The people, the community, the folks we protect. With the allergy rescue training, equipment, awareness and monitoring tools we provide, we help you protect the ones you love.


Allergy Crisis Management System

EpiExpert’s goal is to prepare you, as a private individual or as an organization, to respond to an allergic emergency - anaphylaxis. EpiExpert provides its customers with a complete Allergy Crisis Management System. We offer comprehensive Allergy Crisis Training in emergency allergy first aid as well as Allergy Crisis Kits containing stock epinephrine auto-injectors. Our Allergy Crisis Monitoring tracks your equipment and training, ensuring you are up-to-date at all times. Allergy Crisis Awareness provides digital and hands-on materials that demonstrate your commitment to allergy safety and communicate your message of readiness.

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Allergy Crisis Training

EpiExpert offers online training which defines allergy, anaphylaxis, and more. The course illustrates symptoms and teaches allergy emergency first aid based on World Allergy Organization guidelines. We discuss legal responsibilities of individuals and businesses and much more! Upon course completion users receive certification as Allergy Responders. Our training comes with comprehensive facilitator tracking and certification demonstration.

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Allergy Crisis Kits

Our Allergy Crisis Kits contain epinephrine auto-injectors such as Allerject®, EpiPen® or AUVI-Q® and are available in adult and child doses, or in mixed configuration. The kits and injectors are provided in combination or as individual items. Kits include signage for display in establishments or on vehicles. Our management system tracks your injectors’ expiry dates and generates restocking reminders. Ideal for individual homes or businesses, we prepare you respond to an allergic emergency and save a life!

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Allergy Community


A new stock epinephrine bill before the North Carolina State House is aimed at responding to allergy emergencies in public spaces.

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Allergy Responders


I am 100% positive that my own daughter  is more safe today because I took the Anaphylaxis Training course! Thank you  for providing an exceptional course about anaphylaxis management. This course WILL SAVE LIVES!…

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